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The music companys are going about things the wrong way? I mean, why dont they sell us CD's with mp3s on them already? I dont think its the fact people want to copy CD's or to infringe on copyrights… I think its that people want to be able to easily listen to music wherever… I mean how cool is it to listen to all your music over a network in mp3? Very, I tell you. The whole idea of ripping CD's is a bit archaic, I mean get with it, who wants a binary stream written raw to a CD when you can have a compressed binary file that takes up far less room… Maybe more people would buy CDs when you consider the value for money that having 25/30 mp3s on a CD is, rather than 10 tracks. Crazy
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Just about finished doing The Thimble. Currently on Warped at It will soon become The Thimble. This is the first officially live webproject by ispeakdolphin and I. A lot of features appear for you hardcore web-surfers (those of us using Opera, Mozilla Firebird or Mozilla) and I think anyone who fancies staying up at Windermere (Bowness) should take a look.
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